Throughout its 100 year history, the Hitachi Group has passed on its Mission and its Values to generations of employees and external stakeholders. The Vision has been created based on the Mission and the Values. It is an expression of what the Hitachi Group aims to become in the future.

More than 100 years have passed since Hitachi completed its first 5HP electric motor, which embodied the aspirations of its founder. Through the years, the Hitachi Group has seen and responded to significant societal changes and the evolution of industrial frameworks around the world. And through it all, the Hitachi Group has resolutely stood by our Mission and Values and endeavored to better respond to social issues through industry-leading technology.

Over the years, the Hitachi Group has supplied power generation systems, railway systems, home appliances, computers, electronic devices, electronic materials and components, construction machinery and much more. And today, as a result of our depth and breadth of experience, the Hitachi Group is now in a prime position to drive our Social Innovation Business on a global scale both now and well into the future.

Using advanced Information Technology (IT), the Hitachi Group is able to provide social infrastructure to the world while continuing to drive innovation that will improve convenience, comfort and safety in people’s everyday lives.

The Hitachi Group contributes to the growth of customers’ businesses and delivers new value for society. This value is delivered through various solutions such as highly reliable cloud-based services, advanced security technologies and effective utilization of Big Data obtained from various aspects of society. These proposals are based on our deep knowledge of both social infrastructure and IT.

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